A mostly magical DIY venue + museum
located in historic downtown Aubrey, Texas.

: 50 x 12 stage area w/ 10 x 10 moveable platform
: 16-24 channel “straight up” analog sound
: 1080p HDMI wall-to-wall projection
: PAR/LED lighting, occasional mystery fog™
: 120 yr-old chapel turned fossil/artifact museum
: “Uncloggable” gender neutral restroom*
: 200 person capacity indoors
: 1/2 acre outdoor space
: 100% real stars and celestial object viewing


*please do not attempt a clogging

A couple years ago, Lane stopped by Randy’s nearby home to ask if he would like to go fossil hunting. And what began as one man’s obsession with fossils, artifacts, Native American lore, blue agaves, cast-off audio gear, and small-town living has now produced a one-of-a-kind, world class DIY venue focused on bringing Denton County and NTX the best new music in full-blown live show form.

We love hosting both touring acts and locals and rather enjoy pairing them together. Our goal is to foster productive relationships between bands visiting our area, our local audience, and artists all couched in a non-pretentious, fascinatingly odd-ball space.